Police and the press are swarming around our house.

When I woke up this morning, I opened the curtains to policetents over a front yard of one of our neighbours. A family with young kids, the same age as my own.

The police wouldn’t say anything, but we read on the internet that there was a family drama. The father’s been arrested after the police found the mother dead in the house.

I feel gutted. It’s always a drama, but this close, involving people we “know” makes reality lose all its frames.

There will be a neighbourhood investigation later today, so I’ll probably be having the police over too.

There’s a lot of photographers and film cameras here as well. I’m afraid they will soon ring my doorbell to ask if they can film from my bedroom or attic. From those windows I can pretty much see what’s going on underneath those tents. But I choose not to look. And I will not allow any camera man in.

I’m shocked and trembling. But most of all, I feel we’ve all failed someone. A family. Maybe things didn’t have to be this way if only…

Damn, what a mad world!

[update: I just talked to the police. The children are safe. The crime scene investigation team has left and there are only a handful of obnoxious pressmen around who are trying to get neighbours to speculate about what has happened and whether it could have been prevented.

If there’s one thing I hate about the news, it’s the speculations, the sensation. What happened here is a drama. And instead of trying to cast the blame on social workers and make the news bigger than it is, the press should perhaps try to keep some dignity in matters like these. There’s no scoop. A mother of two very young children died. And the father’s been arrested in relation to her death. Children that have lost their mother and probably their father at the same time. Because how will a child look upon a father that killed their mother? There is the drama. In those children and in the relatives. For how do you bury your daughter-in-law when it was your son who took her life? And how do you welcome the family of your daughter’s killer to her funeral? For all these people, who are going through hell right now, I wish respect and dignity. Let’s not bother them with wicked speculations and sensation.

What’s remarkable, is that immediate neighbours who do know a thing or two, do not talk to the press. We’re all waiting for the police to come and ask us questions. It’s people from blocks away who have nothing better to do than sowing sensation that give statements to the police as if they know anything. We all know for a fact that they don’t know a damn thing. But the press are swallowing and spreading these speculations as if it were news. Vultures.]