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Now, on to today’s art-time-consuming problem:

Okay, so don’t get me wrong here. I LOVE computers…the internet…I can’t imagine living without them anymore.

UNTIL I try to expand my network.

In my studio attic I have an old computer…well, not really oldy old, but it’s the previous machine. Good enough for an internet connection, though. When I set up my studio in the attic, I didn’t want to have an internet connection there because I thought it might consume way too much art time (how easy it is to lose yourself in weblogs, inspiring photos and oh, YouTube!).

But then my husband moved into the small office we have downstairs (where I used to sit for my internetting)…and boy, does he take up a lot of space. He’s into music…he loves mixing his mp3s and he’s constantly yelling (has to, because the music’s so loud, speaking with a civil volume doesn’t do the trick) that I should listen to this and that track and boom, boom, boom…Well, you get the idea.

So…he’s basically teased me out of here (the mini office). He’s been kind enough to get the wires up (yes, I have a wire connection!!! I have a thing for retro!) and plug them into my computer. And hurray, hurray, my computer says it’s connected to the internet.

Then why doesn’t explorer connect to the internet? Aaargh!! I’ve been busy doing stuff with numbers and settings, but to no avail! I can’t get it right! And now don’t go thinking that this is only some housewife woman behind something technical…maybe better not do it…no no, I am the wizkid of the house and I got our network running a good many times. But this time I”m at a total loss!

So…I’m going to search on and on and on until I can finally go online in my attic. Because I’d love nothing more than to be up and runnig tonight for the giveaway!!! Without the sound of the latest remix in booming in my ears. Sort of vaporises the magic of the artsy moment….hehe