So, ready for some journaliciousness? Here we go!

Main course: Green Man salad with marinated onions (Since the Green Man is usually a symbol of rebirth and my new way of eating should hopefully lead to a new me…)

To the side: lovely waxy oven tatties + sausage (if you like, I made it for the kids who don’t like feta and fried bacon)


Green Man Salad

75 grams of rucola
350 grams of green beans
500 grams of broccoli
250 grams of bacon (preferably a chunk of it so you can cut it yourself)
150 grams of feta cheese (can be more if you like and if you don’t want to serve a piece of meat)
1 large red onion (or better even, 2! And don’t worry, the oniony sharpness will disappear completely with this marinade!)
3 tea spoons of good quality honey (4 for 2 onions)
1/2 tea spoon of mustard with whole mustard seeds (1 whole tea spoon for 2 onions)
pinch of salt and pepper
good squeeze of lemon juice (2 for 2 onions)

How to go about it:

Marinating onions is superb! They absorb different tastes so well and go perfectly well with the sweet and sour of this marinade! Cut the red onion in small rings or pieces. Put it in a small container that has a lid that closes well. Add the good squeeze of lemon juice, the honey, the mustard, the salt and the pepper. Close the lid and give it a very good and long shake so the ingredients mix well. Let this sit for at least one hour so that the flavours can mix well. Give it a good shake a couple more times. (You can also make this as a side dish for tapas, barbecues, etc…more onions and more of the other ingredients…can’t go wrong on this!)

Then, cut the broccoli into small roses and boil it, but only short…keep it hard and fresh. Let it drain very well and let it cool. Cook the green beans in the mean time in water with a pinch of salt. Drain that very well too and let it cool. If you’re in haste, cool them in cold water! Let them dry very well.

Cut the bacon in dice and fry as you like. I like them very crispy, but if you care to for softer meat, that’s okay too. Scoop out the fried dice and let them leak onto some kichen towel. Don’t throw away the juices and fat that came out of them in the frying process if you’re adding meat to the meal. It’s great for frying meat later on. Let the bacon dice cool.

Take a large salad bowl and toss in the rucola, the broccoli, the green beans.

Cut the feta cheese in dice and add to the bowl. Then add the cooled down bacon dice and the marinated red onion pieces. Mix all the ingredients well and your salad’s done. If you like more bite, you can add more mustard to the marinade. And roasted pine seeds would make a great addition to this salad. I just don’t have them about the house anymore…unfortunately, or else I’d surely have tucked them in as well!

Waxy Oven Tatties

This is a very healthy way of making and eating potatoes! It may seem fat with the 3 table spoons of oil, but in the oven, most of the oil falls off the tatties. All that remains is a very thin layer to protect the chunks from drying out. And that thin layer of oil keeps in all the vitamins. And did you know potatoes have a high amount of vitamin C? Not at all bad, this!


good, waxy potatoes
3 table spoons of groundnut, sunflower or olive oil
garlic powder, chopped garlic or dried garlic flakes
sweet paprika powder, as much as you like
a good pinch of black pepper
a good pinch of salt
a mix of dried or fresh green herbs that are usually used in herb butter / garlic butter (chives, tarragon, thyme, parsley, rosemary)

How to do it:

Take the baking tray out of your oven, pre-heat your oven on 225 degrees Celsius.

Peel enough potatoes to feed everyone joining you or for yourself. Cut them in not too tiny chunks. Put them into a bowl and add some water to give them a good rinse. Carefully throw away the water and then dry it with a clean kitchen towel by grabbing the potatoe chunks with it. (seems odd, but saves room in the dish washer) When the bowl and tatties are dry enough, add the oil (it seems much, but don’t worry, most will dripp off in the oven during the baking process. If you cook for one person, add one table spoon, two table spoons for two and three for three or four people, four for five or more) and all the other ingredients. Give it a good long stir so that it mixes well. Let it sit for a bit.

Is your baking tray clean? (Hah! As if mine always is!) Make sure it’s clean (or else it will stink and your tatties will taste stinky) and then cut some baking paper the size of your baking tray. Put all the chunks onto the tray and wash your hands well because it’s time to get them dirty!!! Spread them evenly on the tray and make sure they don’t touch (or else they will stick to each other and won’t get firm on the outside…or well done). Wash hands and put the oven on 225 degrees Celsius if you haven’t pre-heated it and shove in the tray. The baking time depends on the size of the potatoe chunks. They need anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes before they’re done. I hope you’ve cut enough chunks so you can try a few in that time!!! They’re good if they feel hard on the outside and nice and waxy on the inside.

For big eaters…



meat of your choice. (in my case it was sausages)
the fat and juices from the fried bacon

Put the pan on the fire and season your meat to your liking. Fry the meat in the fat and juices from the bacon. This will add taste to the meat, but will also make any type of meat blend in with the salad very well.

This is a very good dinner for when you’re not sure about the time your dinner partners arrive, like a busy working husband or wife! You can keep the done tatters warm in the oven, the salad can’t cool off too much and if you have meat, make sure you don’t cook it well done, but nearly done and put it in the warm oven with the tatters and let it sit. Simple!

In need of a good dessert? Try a mango/banana smoothie:


1 ripe mango
1 ripe banana
1 ripe apple
some apple juice

Peel all the fruit, cut it into dice, tuck it into a blender or a bowl to use for the hand-held blender and blend! Add juice until it has a thickness to your liking and voilà, you’re all set and done! Can use yoghurt instead of apple juice as well…