I’ve cramps in my jaws, but I’m finally allowed to say it out loud, yell it from the top of my lungs on my blog: our house has been sold!

We’ve been extremely lucky, especially in these times. Remember we had this open house? Well, our house was very popular. Ten couples showed up. We even had to sit people down while we finished our tours with other viewers. Sometimes we even had two or three couples waiting. It was amazing!

Then, when we were all tired in the evening, the phone rang. It was a young man who would like to come again, this time with his girlfriend. If we’d mind if they came at once? Well, no. The house was still neat and tidy. They’d just have to look past the dogs and the kids, who were both home again from day care.

It was a very nice young couple who knew really well what they wanted. Our house. I was a bit careful being all to thrilled about it. You never know. But there was this feeling deep down inside that these two young people had their minds and business sorted out. Three days later the deal was closed. So we sold like a rocket…so fast that it’s almost hard to believe that so many houses are for sale that long. And now it’s finally official!!! I’m happy, but I’m still a bit in shock, really. This afternoon I drove through town and saw so many houses for sale. I felt so privileged and lucky to have that past us already… And at the same time, we have to get serious about buying a new home. Not that we weren’t serious before now, but now that ours has been sold, we’re in a better position to do so.

And you know what I really like? The couple that has bought our house, is a really nice young and enthusiastic couple. It just feels good to sell it to people who are really happy with the house! I hope it will become as lovely a home for them as it has been for us!!!