So, I did a DIY gluten test. It was negative! So, problem gone? I wish! Eating bread, pasta, pizza, cake and anything made of wheat flower just gets my intestines into trouble. So, I kicked myself to the hospital to have the official blood test done. I’ll know the result in a week or two. The DIY test says that if that’s negative, it cannot be positive in another blood test. So, I wonder. I’m already counting on a biopsy. Bleh!

I’ve also found on the internet that there are people too who are not sensitive to gluten officially, but who are on a gluten free diet anyway because gluten simply cause them discomfort and pain. So, whatever comes out of the tests, I might be cutting gluten anyway. I haven felt as tired in my life as in the last two weeks (during which I ate gluten again after a gluten-free period). I simply don’t feel swell! (Pun intended, for when I eat gluten, I do swell up like a balloon!) Hopefully I can get some advice about possible shortages in a gluten-free diet so that I can compensate for it somehow.