Just imagine! Two girlziez just before Sinterklaas (a national holiday that resembles X-mas a bit in that they get presents then)…they’re all nervous and hyperactive. When each on their own, it’s doable. But when they accidentally run into each other somewhere in the house, this is what you get:

So, as you can see, today we have to roll up our sleeves to keep some peace…and meanwhile, my cutesy birdies seem to have fluttered into my art journal!!! And in my garden they’re still very active as well…them cutesies are getting tons of food to keep ’em here and it works!!! We’ve got at least 15 different types of them little creaturs in our garden… I never really cared much for birds, but the past few days, they’re all over and they appear anywhere where I sat down doodling…..