Did another quick watercolor for another journal page today.

I’m glad I finally got round to painting again.

So much is going on around us at the moment. A huge company in our town has decided to fire 2175 people before 2012. Half of its company. For our town, it’s an economic disaster. It’s about 10% of the working population. And since it’s a pharmaceutical company, many people who’ll lose their jobs are such specialist in their field that they will not easily find another job. It’s dreadful. We know many of the unfortunate ones and the atmosphere in town is understandably low. It’s also expected, though not yet officially confirmed that in a few years’ time the other 2000 people will be fired as well. Our country is too expensive for Shering Plough to maintain rising profits. So they withdraw the entire company and steal away all the specialised knowledge. Horrible.

Put that against the background of the economic crisis that hasn’t by far come to an end yet, and well…ample food for thought! It’s like huge swarms of swords of Damocles are in the air over our heads.