I think I am beginning to accept the changes we’re in. Maybe that sounds odd after my announcement that we’re moving westwards. But I’ve had a hard time accepting the fact that I’d have to say goodbye to my current home. The town we live in has a bad reputation, but the reality is, that it’s a pretty okay place to live. The social culture here is pretty different from the one where I came from. But after ten years, I’ve really grown a warm circle of friends whom I’m going to miss dearly. And tears will flow for sure.

But still, we’re in the middle of this change and there’s only one way: the way ahead. I will miss daily contact with my friends, but I’m also very mobile and I’m sure that some friend will remain, even across the rather great distance. The character of our friendship will change, but I’m sure that when we do get together, it will be as good as it is now.

This evening we were at an event at my children’s school and it was really nice talking to everbody…it feels so warm and so at home. And it’s awesome to see how good my children feel at this school. Up until now I was really afraid we would never find such a home again, but this evening has changed my perspective and confidence is beginning to grow. We’ve done this once and we can do it again! We’ll find a good place to live and a good school for our children.

And friends? I’ll miss them, but I’m sure I’ll meet new friends there who will widen my social circle. Some friends here will step out of it because of the distance and the less frequent contact, but others will keep it up and remain. And with those friends, it doesn’t matter whether you see each other every day, once a month or twice a year. When you’re together, it’s good. And those friendships matter.