Before I show you some photos of my very kitsch Christmas decorations, I want to tell you what Christmas means to me.

Given that I wasn’t raised a Christian, I struggled with the concept of Christmas for years. What was I celebrating? When I was a teenager Christmas was boring and full of obligations. Family dinners and closed shops. Boring! The only thing I liked about it was that I could either be in my bed reading all day or watch one of the gazillion movies that were on tv. Oh, and ice skating! And ballet. Around Christmas the Dutch tv always programs ballets; the nut cracker, swan lake…

When I moved out as a student, I began to feel little pangs of missing out on something around Christmas. Everywhere people were decorating their houses, collecting recipes, making X-mas dates…and I was still in my moody teenage spirit of “hating Christmas”.

Then in the third year of my study English language and literature I had this subject “Runes and myths” and I did a study after the runes as being used in oracles by modern pagans and new age people nowadays. And even though I discovered that runes are not and were never the spiritual symbols that people want to believe they are, I got very fascinated by modern pagans and their beliefs. I read every scientific book about them that I could find and learned about their birth in the solitary wise women and early institutions like the freemasons and about their adoption of early pagan celebrations.

And here’s where Christmas kicks in. For pagans don’t celebrate the birth of Christ. They celebrate Yule, the birth of light. Isn’t it beautiful how to Christians Christ is the light? Well, pagans celebrate the beginning of the lenghtening of the days. Wow, THAT was something I could celebrate. Something to believe in. For even though I love the dark evenings lit with candles, I somehow revive each year when the evenings get longer. And on a certain level, celebrating the birth of Christ or the coming of light may induce a similar spiritual notion: that of experiencing love, peace and devine or intuitive wisdom. Because Christmas, or Yule and the nearing end of the year is a time of reflection for many of us. It has become that to me.

It’s funny how Christmas took a few decades to get meaning for me. But now that it has, I look forward to being with my family so much. To reflect on our lives together…to literally cuddle up and spend time together. To spoil them rotten with lovely food. To read, write, make art, craft, watch movies together. But even without my family Christmas has become important to me. It’s the promise of a new year. New chances. New insights. And that has to be celebrated with MUCH light…or rather: MANY lights…

So, here’s what happens when you give children free reign to decorate the Christmas tree:

And as if that wasn’t enough, today I splurged on more Christmas decoration…on lights mainly. But the first are felt decorations for the children’s cabinet:

And then there’s the symbolic tree that will hold my handcrafted paper Christmas lanterns:

These are beyond kitsch! Rather ugly, actually…but hey, they change colour, so I couldn’t leave them in the store, right

And this lantern was impossible to photograph…it’s an iron, white lantern that holds 4 tea lights…above that is a caroussel with reindeer…and that starts spinning when the hot air from the candles goes up…só cute!!! Even though it hardly shows on my photo.

And this is beyond doubt the most apalling home deco I ever bought! But hey, the ant farm needs a Christmas tree too! And it changes colour!!!!

Ah…and my most beautiful Christmas piece…the nativity…love it, love it, love it! Beaming like a child when I unwrap that one! Have it for three years now and am still smitten with it! Dont forget to notice the lovely LED angels that I put around it…and do you see the falling star? How could you not? It changes colour too. Of course!

(I might just get rid of the angels here…they don’t really do the nativity justice…hehe. Perhaps I’ll hang them over the nativity…fix some construction for that…)

Of course my studio could not be forgotten…and I found some really cute red and white hearts and stars for the keys….and two tea light holders…with LED candles in them, of course…

Well, that’s about it…now some good winter cleaning and decluttering aheaqd and then Christmas may come!