“Tabula Rasa” just finished, on my wall

Tabula Rasa
A new empty page
begging for some words to you
the wind blowing
specs of dust from you to me
‘f only I knew what to say
        – Mandy van Goeije, 2015
“Tabula Rasa” – mixed media on 30x40cm canvas board,
One afternoon I picked up Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. The book, like all Murakamis do, grabbed me instantly. It describes a library designated mainly to haiku and tanka and briefly refers to tanka writer Machi Tawara. I googled Tawara and found an inspiring interview by her in which she says that she experiences freedom only in the limitation of form that the tanka offers her. An idea that sparked immediate inspiration to write tanka.

One of the tanka I wrote, was Tabula Rasa which immediately after writing inspired me to paint. I made two sketches and worked out the mixed media style…

“Tabula Rasa” – underpainting
Tabula Rasa…there’s so much to say about this painting, but it’s not done for an artist to impose on you my story, so I shall keep quiet and let you read your own story into it. But I will give away that it can be read in at least three different ways – to me, at least…

“Tabula Rasa” building up, layer over layer…
The sun is shining…lucky me! For now that the painting is finished…I can go back to reading Kafka on the Shore. I can’t wait to finish it!
ps. Tabula Rasa is for sale. If you’re interested, contact me here.

And here a little enore for you: Arvo Pärt’s “Fratres” from his Tabula Rasa: