Just peeping in for a wee moment…to let you know that being away from Facebook and not blogging for a while is working like a charm. I’m sketching, drawing and painting fulltime and I’ve some lovely new work coming up by April. That’s a promise.

The reason why I’m quickly hopping onto my blog, is that this week I ran into a free online course about finding inspiration for your art in your own life (as opposed to finding it online). Alisa Burke finds her muse by first turning off the computer. And then stepping into her own life. Such synchronicity to run into her video course at this time! And what wonders it does for my work. I immediately sank back into my own flow, making my own work, resonating my own voice.

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by others. Or even iwith copying someone else’s style. It’s how you learn fast and copying many styles is the highway to finding what you love and learning new techniques. But when it comes to making art, your work must have a unique voice, resonating your soul and yours alone. And many artists are seeking that voice outside themselves, very often online. We’re overwhelmed with beautiful work of others, sneakily distracting us from our own. So being offline for a bit is one way of helping yourself get into your own flow. In breaking my silence for a bit, I’m hoping to inspire you. Not by my work, but to give it a try. Plan a day, or two, maybe three and do not go online (e-mail is allowed…;-)). Enter your own world with hungry eyes and photograph and sketch yourself silly. Open your eyes and you will find inspiration anywhere! Don’t look at what others do with your theme…sit down, sketch and make art the way you feel it must be.

Still don’t buy it? Then quickly, check out Alisa Burke’s free online course on finding your muse. She says it better than I do…and makes it look like a yummy adventure! I hope you’ll at least give it some thought…