Quite a few people have asked me to put a video tutorial online of how I use watercolor in my work. Well, with the construction of my studio going on here, there hasn’t been any time for it. But today I feel I can give you at least SOMEthing. And it’s something quite good too!

Carla Sonheim (yes, it’s her again! She’s absolutely fabulous!!! Will cure anyone from drawing angst!) has put a watercolor tutorial on her blog…with step-by-step description of the technique and pictures of every single step. In Carla’s style, it’s an exercise which cannot fail. A fun exercise to loosen the fingers for experienced watercolor painters and  a confidence-giving exercise for beginners and those that have up until now been too fazed to take it up at all.

What Carla does here, is not exactly my technique, but layering watercolor is an important technique in my work.

So, visit this tutorial and get going! It’s fun!!!