Nope, I didn’t think any different of the matter when I woke up this morning.

After having taken the kids to school, I took my ass to the supermarket and stuffed my cart with vegetables and veggie stuff. Meat finito. That is to say: for me. And for my youngest daughter who gladly joins in my veggie lifestyle change. My eldest, though, along with my husband were looking weary this morning. What had gotten into that crazy mother/wife? I quoted the Skinny Bitch to my husband partly (in English to spare the kids), but I haven’t the stomach to tell him in detail what horror is in there. What horror is on his plate every evening. So, I invited him to listen to the audiobook and then decide for himself. As for my eldest; she’s 8. I’m not going to burden her with those horror stories. But I am going to try and seduce her with lovely veggie meals and see if she comes along. Tomorrow’s her first day of summer break and I’ve invited her to cook for us (with the help of yours truly). I gave her the veggie recipe book and she picked a lasagna (what else?!). I bet she won’t miss the meat! So, let’s just see how goes. I have already bought loads of veggie burgers in all kinds of flavours, so I bet he’ll love those.

As for the bit of meat that my husband may still want to eat, I will visit a local farm in a few weeks when they’ve returned from their summer holiday. They raise their own cattle fully ecologically and animal friendly. I’m going to ask them about the slaughter methods and see if I can live with those. If so, I’ll be ordering their meat from now on. And if not, I’m going to search high and low to find meat that wasn’t first tortured and that isn’t stuffed to the brim of every cell with chemicals and whatever it takes to supergrow it.

Okay, so, I’m still very much in fight mode. Admittedly, I’m a bit scared. Because as I wrote last night, so far I have been too weak to change around my way of life. I’m kind of scared that I’ll get weak again. But I have vowed this morning that if that happens, I have to write down the entire bit of horror and stick that onto my fridge. It’s in English, so it won’t hurt the children. Nauseating though it is, I never ever want to forget it. I have made a choice.

Okay, enough angry bravery and plans. Let’s get to facts and action. After writing down my ingredients list I went to the best equipped supermarket in town and bought all I needed for my meal. Aunt Carmen’s Soup and crackers topped with veggie Steak Tartare (which has always been my favorite topping for sandwiches, but which I’ve been afraid to eat for years now because of all the scary stories you hear about raw meat). The soup was absolutely fantastic! I didn’t cook it, but turned off the gas when it boiled and then let it rest for 2 hours. All the veggies still had their bite and all of their flavour! If you want the recipe in English, leave a message, then I’ll translate it for you. Here’s a mouth-watering image for you already…..have a nice meal!