Geninne had some lovely journal pages (handpainted) on her blog a little while ago. I loved them and felt inspired to work on some such diary-like pages myself. I’m so bad at keeping track of when I did what and who with that I thought it might be nice to keep a log. Just ‘here-was-I’s’ and ‘been-here-seen-this-done-thats’. So, today I decided to work on my design for two weeks.

First, I made a color theme at Kuler: Fresh Sweetness. Then I searched out some watercolor pencils in those 5 colors. Then I sat down with my planner to see what special plans are up for the coming two weeks. Well, this week the kids have a day off from school, so we’re taking them to The Efteling, a wonderful fairy-tale theme park. The theme park is pretty old and I went there as a kid myself once. Back then it was mainly a fairy tale park with fairy tale figures and a few attractions. Nowadays it’s a full blown theme park with sensation thrills and everything! The kids are thrilled to go!!! So, I chose to draw what was the symbol for the Efteling when I was a child: Longneck. (These days they carry goblins as their marketing figures.)

Then I added the 5 colours from the Kuler theme and made it into a splashing early Summer week. After all, the weather forecast is pretty good.

Then for the next week nothing special is planned, so I chose to stick to my Illustration Friday Paisley birdies and just make a great summery page!

It was great to work on something so practical! And I’m looking forward to filling in the days…

Oh, and of course it was Father’s Day. Since I’d already spoilt the beans out of my husband, he forbade me to buy him another gift, so I stuck to a huge bag of Engelse Drop (is there a name for it in English or is it a typicially Dutch type of candy?)

And, because we’d already devoured the part-baked french breads yesterday (hmmm…filled with seasoned minced meat, red peppers and onions….20 minutes in the oven and such a lovely Saturday-in-front-of-the-tele-meal!), I decided to bake him some fresh rolls. They were to be brioches, but they turned out crispy and very yummy!

Yes, you read it well…bread! So what was with the Gluten-sensitivity test? Well, I think it turned out negative (if I interpreted it correctly, that is, because I’m not sure if the blot that I see is a “line” or not and whether the discoloration is a test result or not). So, for now I’m eating gluten because I might be paying my doctor a visit soon…to get it properly tested. Bleh!)

So, all in all a very creative Father’s Day until now!