How I dealt with Facebook. If you want to cut a long story short, read only the last paragraph!

As you probably all know, Facebook keeps changing its user agreement and algorhythms. Which pretty much leads to its users’ privacy and intellectual ownership being stretched like rubberbands. And not everyone is comfortable with the stretching.

I’m not. I know that Facebook’s user agreement already claimed that the platform had the right to use  photos and usernames for whatever purpose they could think of. And that privacy was a non-existent thing in a place where every strike on your keyboard is stored for future possible use. And that my private information could be used for 3rd-party’s sakes rather than my own.

But, like most people on Facebook, I wiped it off my shoulders as if it were dandruff. I tried not to take notice. Privacy doesn’t exist anymore anway, right?

Well, no. Not right!

The new 2015 user agreement stretches the boundaries just that little bit further with social advertising. By using Facebook after 1 January 2015 00:00 users automatically agree with the new policy, which now broadens the possibilities for Facebook to make use of ANY data its users have shared in their accounts. Photos, usernames, likes but also – and pay attention now! – CONTENT. Content is not otherwise specified. So it’s a bit dangerous to assume that content only means public posts. The user agreement does not say that. It simply says ‘content’. And content consists of public posts, friends posts AND private messages. Perhaps this text didn’t change from the 2014 user agreement, but it certainly got me thinking now.

I had already noticed how after a private chat with a friend in which a brand was mentioned, we both got ads of that brand. And I wasn’t comfortable with that. But now Facebook explains how your information will be used for social advertising a little more intensively as a new, more specialize approach to advertising. But if this kind of spying advertising happened in the past already, on the basis of the 2015 user agreement I expect it to happen way more.

Now, I don’t believe that Facebook would start scattering around everybody’s secrets. But in principle, the Facebook policy in which they hold the right to use your content (NB: no content is excluded in the agreement test) would enable them to do just that if they like. And that’s where my rubberband qualities as a facebook user snap.

To leave or not to leave, that was the question. Being fed up with Facebook, I felt like leaving. But since practically the whole world is on there, I still feel it’s a good way of showcasing my work. Although last year’s change in algorhythms cut my views down to a sloppy wee bit of what it was before because Facebook suddenly wanted me to pay for exposure. But, with some tricks I might be able to improve that. If Facebook doesn’t go changing them algorhythms again, this year.

So, I decided I wanted to stay on Facebook for now. Just not with my current account. You see, my account is years old. And since I moved to the other side of the country 4 years ago, I had lots of long private chats on there with friends. And I shared lots of private things on my timeline, to keep them posted…and responded to lots of private things, to keep in touch. My literally social behaviour from back then does not fit today’s privacy policy AT ALL now that I have so obviously become a product. So now that my content can be used for whatever Facebook likes, I feel it doesn’t belong on there anymore. Facebook keeps so much control of our timelines that it doesn’t allow us to batch-delete anything and since 5 years of Facebook activity is impossible to delete message per message, so I have decided to cancel my current account and start a new one and try to do that one MY WAY.

Facebook sees me as a product. Not as a human being with feelings and with a sense of privacy. So it’s best not to look at Facebook as a friends’ place. All of that is just to lure us into believing it’s a friends’ place. It’s not. It’s the largest add-factory in the world. And the most advanced one too. It’s going to give me personalized adds. But since I don’t want any adds and since I don’t want Facebook to use my information for adds for third parties, I have decided I will simply not share my information there. I will update my blog there and be the fly on your walls from time to time. But that’s it. And should the views of my page not improve in the next 2 to 3 months, then I will quit altoghether.

The same will happen if Facebook changes how links are posted to timelines.Now I post photos on Facebook by linking my blog update so all content remains on MY own blog, not on their server. Should Facebook stop enabling the sharing of blog photos in order to force users to upload images to their servers, then it’s bye-bye Facebook. If Facebook wants to use my work for adds, no problem. After I’ve received their payment, I will e-mail them the HD quality file. (As if!)

So. To make a looong story short, you can find my new facebook account here. If you wish to be kept up-to-date there, then send me a friend request.
The facebook page for my work can be found here. If you like my page, you will be kept up-to-date, which I advise you to do, for I’m going to be doing some giveaways in the months to come!
If you want to have a private chat with me, you can e-mail me or ask me my Skype name and we’ll Skype. You can also write me a snail-mail letter. I will write back!