So, what do you do in a fall break
where the weather is clearly stating
that summer has fallen?
Exactly, you take your little expert
straight into your studio
and get down to some serious painting!


Nevynn at my painting desk…in hyper focus mode!

And better be careful next time I go out…
there’s giants everywhere!


“Nevynn’s Giantess” – © Nevynn, 2013 (Mind you, she insisted on claiming full copyright!!!)

Mommy, she said,
why do you never paint with just ordinary blue and red?
Hah! There she got me.
Why didn’t I?
And so I did.
Being cold outside and all
this little winter clad creature appeared
under the strokes of my brush…


“Winter’s Coming”, acrylics on 18x24cm canvas – © Mandy van Goeije, 2013

Winter’s coming!
It sure is!
But fortunately
I’ve already got another creature
growing on a new canvas!