I used my time well yesterday afternoon and today.
I finally opened my Etsy shop.
It’s so exciting!
I was amazed to see
that only within a few hours 
so many people had seen my work already!
Watching the shop statistiscs
feels a bit like having a stall at an art fair
watching people looking at your work,
to buy
or to decide against it.
Gotta be careful not to check them tooooo often.
Or else I won’t have time to make new work!
I just can’t wait to make my first sale!
And the second, third, fourth, and so on,
for that matter!
I’ll be updating my shop with new work regularly.
Some Betsy ACEOs are on their way,
new Faces ACEOs (more about those later!!!),
art cards,
and perhaps, if I manage to squeeze in a visit to the printer,
some more art prints…