Remember I wrote about my hunt for hard pastel crayons?
Well, I’ve tried them on one of my paintings…
and ironically, I HATE it!
Here’s why, my new painting “The Find”:
It’s dull. Muddy. Dirty. Dusty.
And even though there’s plenty of colour,
it doesn’t sparkle, it’s not alive.
Not like my watercolours.
Like this one, for instance:
Or like this one:
Or this one:
So…this experiment taught me that for this style,
pastels don’t do it for me.
I love it in other people’s work.
But then again,
many artists have a hate-hate affair with watercolours,
hating them arrogant little colour flows that have minds of their own,
which is exactly what I love ’em for!
What could be more wonderful
than paint working FOR you?
was the pastel a failed experiment?
No. In no way.
Discovering what is NOT my style
helps define my style as much as the things that ARE,
if not more.
I am entering 2014 with a strong affirmation that watercolour is my passion
and will remain to be so.
I think I’m gonna do “The Find” again.
 I like it too much to leave it at this muddy attempt.
So…time to moisten my palette and sharpen the brushes!!!