Okay, so I’m in doubt again. Should my blog be in Dutch or in English?

This issue has come up loads of times in the past years. And it would be logical for me to write in Dutch having my home in the lowlands. But, I’ve also met some really lovely people outside our nation’s borders. And I’d like my blog to be open to them as well. Under the assumption that nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks and reads English fairly well, I decided to open the door to the entire world.

But!!! In all my logic I seem to have caused a problem for some people as well. In the past weeks I’ve been told 4 times that people want to read my blog, but can’t because their English isn’t good enough. And some of them are really good friends.

In an attempt to have my blog open to everybody, I’ve already tried keeping a bilingual blog. But translating a blog entry takes about twice the time it takes to write it, so it’s a bit heavy on my time schedule. And then, who is reading my blog anyway???

Can you help me out?

What do you think? Should my blog be in English or Dutch?

Please leave behind your opinion and the country you’re from and I’m going to reward one of the responders with an envelope of goodies! What’s in the envelope, is a secret…I don’t even know myself! (yet) I’ll draw the lucky winner on 1 May.