Most of yesterday I spent
painting a rather difficult painting
Not a happy one.
After a sketch I did a long time ago.
And found again yesterday.
It’s an illustration to the idea
of a person drowning under the weight
of a very strong subconscience.
Be it light-weight everyday issues like fear of failure
or heavy-weight mental issues,
we all know the feeling 
of drowning under the weight of a heavy subconscience
every now and then.
“Drowning” – mixed media
© Mandy van Goeije, 2012
I know some people
who claim not to know this burden
But I believe them fake.
Our subconscience serves a purpose
And without one, we would be half.
Some people may think
they are in full control
But that’s just their subconscience
telling them so
for a purpose.

and resurfaceing
are simply a part of life.

Weakness is not defined
by the drowning
but by the acceptance of it.
By accepting that if there is light,
there is dark
And that without the dark
we wouldn’t know the light.