How to finish an Art Journal page about a difficult topic?

How to finish an Art Journal page that deals with a complicated or difficult topic?
I ended up being in this situation myself the past weeks. I had started working on this journal page over a month ago. And even though it had been calling me to finish it, I was a little troubled by it and didn’t know how to continue.

Difficult situation: an example

My page started out being about a situation I had witnessed in which a bully treated somebody else bad and got away with it because bystanders kind of respected him for being a bully. As if his big mouth and aggressive attitude made him right. It made me very sad, because his victory in the situation was very undeserved and most of the witnesses didn’t even seem to have noticed. In my experience it happens more and more often that the one with the biggest mouth “wins”. And sometimes I wonder and worry: is society really getting dumb and dumber?

Too full of thoughts and emotions

The incident reminded me of how in this day and age in many more aspects of our society bullies win. Even when they say the most stupid things, they get away with it. Trump is a very good example of a thick bully who got further than anyone had ever thought. And unfortunately there are loads of other countries where bully politicians are gaining ground. The sad implication is not only a worried view on the future, but what worries me even more is that people actually GIVE these bullies this power. I can’t get my head around what it is that makes these people so attractive to so many people.

Worries are very negative…can you turn them around?

I wanted to say all of this and more in my bully-page. But then again it didn’t feel good to mope in my journal. So the page lay there until I found myself dreaming of a better world. And then it hit me that I could turn this page into a dream for the world of anything that had nothing to do with thick bullies. I’d rather have my journal be a vision of how great the world could be.

Bringing in a third person to help you tell your story

The two faces on the right and left were already there in my journal when I got stuck. So once I had determined how the story would continue, I decided to add a worried soul expressing my own emotions, thinking all my thoughts. Sometimes it helps in the storytelling to bring in a third person to think or feel for you. It helps creating distance to your story which in turn can help your flow. Once I got the third person in the situation it was easy to let him tell his (read: my) story. I used all the remaining available space and freehand lettering to do so.

Have you ever used a third person to tell your story?