Today I’ve been dreadfully busy.

No, really.

I’ve been collecting freckles;
I’ve been testing our garden furniture;
I’ve studied the strange color erasing effect of being in the bright sunlight with closed eyes and then opening them;
And I’ve been learning to discern the calls of several birds which was a hard job with the bristling sound of the wind in the trees;
And I’ve studied the force of F16s flying over;
I’ve been hand-polishing the fur of a dog and a Cardigan Welsh corgi;
I’ve been thinking of concepts for future garden plans;
I’ve been studying wood patterns for future drawings;
And I’ve mindfully taken notice of the feel of sunrays touching my skin;
And last, but not least, I’ve been counting the sunrays.

And with thát much sun and over 20 degrees Celsius, I can tell you that it was some tough job today! And I have a mega-bunch of freckles to prove it!


I’m so grateful spring has finally arrived! I’ll accept the upcoming days of rain, but not without a vast resolution to be this busy again as soon as the sun casts her rays upon my garden again!