Okay, so who wants to draw? You? Yes, sure. I know you do! But you’re afraid to start because you think you can’t do it? Of course you can! But as long as you don’t believe that, your lovely artwork will never see the light of day!

Want to learn? That is so possible!!! And mind you, you do NOT have to take boring technical classes that make you sit down and draw vases of flowers for months before you get to do nice stuff!!! There are classes about that will teach nice stuff and rely on your search for more technique as you progress.

So? Interested? Good. Because I have just received great news that made my blood a little warmer, running a little faster through my veins! The wonderful Carla Sonheim is teaching a one-month worksheet e-mail drawing class!!!

In July her how-to drawing book will appear, but I simply don’t want to wait that long! Carla intends to loosen people up, drawing-wise and I can’t wait to be shaken and stirred a bit! So…I have already enrolled. Shall we do this one together? You can register at her site…just click on the pink image.

Here I leave you with an image of her upcoming book: