This morning when I came back from taking the kids to school, the sky was literally AWEsome! A stunning spectacle that hung over us like a warm duvet, continually changing color and shape. And then the flocks of birds who’ve just woken up and have left their beds to move back into town and fight over their trees again…now THAT’s waking up!

While the front of our house was treated to this visual feast, at the back I ran into…

It’s moments like these that I regret not having the right lenses for my camera. The rainbow was so bright that it showed all its colors so clearly. You rarely see that over here. Usually the rainbow’s a vague bow of light of which you only know that it’s supposed to have many colors. But today it was almost as if it had been drawn in the sky with markers…spectacular!

Now, after such a wake-up I should be able to work had. And I’d better, because yesterday I sketched all the remaining birds for my Sketchbook Project and today I intend to ink them. And hopefully, if I progress well, I can paint a few. I hope to have my Sketchbook pages finished by tomorrow, bind them on Thursday and send it off to the States on Friday. As soon as I have 4 new pages  ready, I’ll post them here!