Thankful on your knees that something so great as the Internet exists. Because thanks to the Internet we are inspired. Thanks to the Internet we learn of possibilities that hadn’t yet been born into your own heads. Thanks to the Internet we can all learn to be artists.

But, aren’t we forgetting something?

I was juist cruising on the net, reading my daily digets of Art Journal blogs. And suddenly it hit me. In a wink of an eye I felt bored to death and sad. For whatever page I clicked and wherever in the world Journalers live…all the pages generally look the same!!! From the Rainforests of Australia to the lows of the Netherlands; from the Swedish, cold North to California…so many journallers seems to be making roughly the same sort of Journal Pages!!!

Isn’t that crazy?! I mean, from all such different backgrounds and cultures, shouldn’t there be more variation?

My guess is that we’re not only all too eager to show our own work, but we’re all hungry to see other people’s work and I think we’re infected by it. By infected I mean to say that it feels as if the influence of other people’s work isn’t too big.