The pages of my new journal have deckled edges
Just as the edge around my life has become rough.

By binding the chapters for my new journal,
I have begun constructing a new and intimate best friend
who will always be there to soak up my doubts and fears.
A friend with whom I need not consider if she herself can bear my burden.

This journal will help me find my newly gained faith
when I don’t see it for the fog that will undoubtedly from time to time cloud my vision.
She will harbour faces like the one here beneath.
A face that already held the sadness
that I didn’t even know was there at the time I drew it.

She will offer refuge to the many different faces
that will flow from my fingers.
Ranging from gratefulness, faith and a sense of being privileged
to the inevitable fear I will encounter in every shadow on my way.

She will be the safe haven for the phoenix
that I must grow inside of me.
I will burn.
To be reborn.