The past few days have been REALLY productive!
I made real good progress
on the creation of a really entertaining online lab class….
(something to do with watercolour…)
I also got a good chunk of work started
on my very first LIVE ONLINE visual diary class…
(That I really want to teach in English too…
but tell me, what would be the best CET time
to have 2-hour live seminars?)
And as if that wasn’t enough,
I finally got round to working in my art journal again!
I’d missed that SOOOO much…
So, some eye candy for you…
Yesterday’s journal page.
A real lab page experimenting…
It’s a page I did after a lesson in Tamara Laporte’s LifeBook 2013.
It’s a mixed media technique after Mindy Lacefield
I usually spend rather much time on a page…
this page came about in little over an hour.
And I quite like the result
(although I miss a story in it…
I’d already just told mine,
so did this page purely on technique,
not on diary content).
Some stories linger in your mind just that little bit longer
until you hear the right words to talk about it.
These words almost literally come from the Girls series.
They hold an indescribable truth in them
and fit a story of my own like a glove…
I did this page in watercolour, collage and mixed media.
Always feels a little off, using such portrait pictures of myself in my journal.
But this, again, was a lab experiment page.
I tried several techniques to transfer a photo printed with an inkjet printer.
And after a few tries,
I got this really good transfer!!!
Ah, and here lies a BIG, BIG story on paper.
A story that would have taken so many words to write down.
A story that holds so many truths
and so many interpretations of it
that I feel I could never capture it like it really is.
But then this drawing,
that probably means nothing to you,
says it all to me!
Pages like these are metaphors.
At the same time they are notes I take
to tell new stories in my fine art.
It’s a feeling I capture, a thought, a sudden realisation
that would otherwise flee my memory.
But now it lies here safely in my journal,
waiting to be transformed into a painting
in my Sous le Coeur l’Âme series.
Can’t wait to get sketching!
So you see?
My journal really IS my best friend.
Always listens,
helps me remember,
allows faults,
encourages trial and error
and ALWAYS gives me tons of energy!
Wouldn’t want to miss her for the world!