Art supply review requests

I get a lot of requests from viewers, asking me if I could do reviews on a brand they’re interested in. And my answer is always: “I’d love to, but….”

As you know, art supplies don’t come cheap. And importing those that are not available here, is even more expensive due to very high import duties. It’s simply unaffordable to purchase all those brands for reviews.

Clever option! 

There are a few options, though and viewer Steven came up with a really clever one. He kindly asked Daniel Smith to provide him with a dot sampler color chart of their Extra Fine watercolor paints so that I could do a review.

The day before yesterday, his envelope fell on my door mat. Daniel Smith had provided the full 238 colour chart, which is awesome, because being able to test the paints for yourself is way more fab than a premanufactured colour chart. 

Try before you buy!

There’s enough paint in the dots to do both a colour chart of your own and test some mixing qualities which makes it perfect to try before you buy. Daniel Smith is one of the most expensive artist grade watercolor paints, so I think that if you consider investing in paints in this price range, getting the dot sampler first is a fabulous idea. Daniel Smith has really outsmarted other brands in offering such a clever product!

A dot sampler not only helps you determine whether this paint can live up to your standards; it’s also incredibly helpful in chosing the colours you’d like to buy, based on seeing their real colours, and being able to test their properties and qualities.

Daniel Smith dot sampler – first-impression review of first page

I sat down with the first page of the dot sampler and made my own colour chart with the paint and here’s the video review of  the making of that first of four colour charts!!! It is in one word: Lush!

Review requests

What if you would like to see me do a review of certain art supplies? Or if you’re a manufacturer who would like to see your art supplies reviewed by me?

Manufacturers can send supplies and samples directly to this address.

Very important: Make sure on the package is a clear indication that it is a GIFT. If not, there’s a fair chance I will be charged with import duties in which case I will not accept the package.

Viewers: if you would love to see me do a review of a brand you’re interested in, you could do as Steven did and ask the manufacturer to provide me with samples. They can send their samples directly to my address, or they could send it to you with the request to ship it to me. In either case please indicate on the package that it is a  GIFT. Or else I will be charged with the import duties in which case I might not be able to accept the package.

Paint samples that are most interesting for a reviews, are those that consist of a good part of the range or full range of colours. Not because I’m greedy, small samples are fine, but because pigments all have their own qualities. And as you can see in the video above, it is wonderful to find unique colours and qualities within the brands. A while ago I received one Luminance colour pencil from Caran d’Ache to review, but that is just a little too little to base a review of the product on.