“Inner Critic” – Journal Page in progress
gesso, acrylics, inks, graphite pencil
“Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass,
but learning to dance in the rain.”
I ran into this quote a couple of weeks ago and it has lingered in my mind ever since.
Not that they were new words of wisdom to me. Theoretically I knew. 
But it wasn’t until I was under the star-clad heavens in France that the message hit home.
How much time I have wasted waiting for storms to pass! 
How long I have waited to start with something until circumstances were perfect!
And how little have I achieved as a result.
Oh, and yes, there were many storms. 
Some so big that I really couldn’t begin to try to dance. 
But I could have danced through most of them for sure. 
If I had focussed on what I wanted to do rather than on the storms.
And besides, I’ve reached the age of many storms. 
If I’d wait for them all to pass, life would leak away unlived.
It is only natural that after a long period of changes one day you look in the mirror to see where you’re at. And to see what changes must yet be made. Well, these wise words were my mirror. I needed to be reminded. I forgot whose blog it is I read these words on. But whoever’s it was, thank you.
This afternoon it was piping hot outside and the air moist in the early stages of approaching bad weather. I was tired and indecisive on what to do. Aiming to wait until it had cooled down. Until these words popped into my mind. 
And then I sat down and journalled.
Drawing my representation of my inner critic (another learning point, but more about that later). 
It’s not quite finished yet. But I’m so glad I got myself to sit down and work on it rather than lamenting the weather and lying for dead on the couch, waiting for cooler weather.
I am still tired. And it is still hot in a suffocating, sticky kind of way. 
But I have a new illustration well on its way!
See? I can dance!