Today is going to be my favorite day! I’m going to clean this house and make it shine as if it were the sun itself!

We’re almost done. Although it’s hard to type it out loud here on my blog, for if I invited you inside my house, you’d think we’d had a hurricane inside. Every space looks ripped apart. In every corner you’ll find saws, screwdrivers, paint, brushes, cleaning stuff. And I’d ask you not to touch certain things for the paint is still wet here and there.

But most importantly…it’s just a few minor things that need attending to now and the big cleaning job. Which I’m going to throw myself at today…attic to garden…I’m going to touch it all. Today and Tomorrow. I’m not the cleaning type, but I must admit that while cleaning and working, I got some really great ideas for journalling and an online project. So, who knows what all this hard work is good for besides selling the house…?