…and that’s certainly true for yours truly. If my studio and house look anything like the photos below, you know I’m in the flow. So in my life, mess is a good thing.

My computer desk

Just a few pics of my lovely mess…here’s my computer desk…I literally sit in between piles of books. The little face on the top shelf isn’t mine…I bought it from the Secret Hermit on Etsy.

My drawing / painting table

And here is where I sit most of my days, most of the time. See the almost overflowing paper bin? In my world that’s a good sign too!

My kitchenette

My tables are so full that my kitchenette is sighing under the weight of all that paint. And I haven’t even put away the empty boxes yet. But like I said, in my world, mess is a good sign!

Empty walls? Ehrm…yes, I’m afraid so. Once my work’s been profesionally scanned and printed, I will frame my drawings and hang them on my walls. And I have to hurry up a bit, because this September my studio will be open for visitors a couple of weekends…