Because of my move to the other side of the country, I won’t be co-organising the Crafty Gardens anymore. But in the couple of years that I did, we managed to make it into one of the loveliest, most inspiring and most colorful craft fairs in our country. And I’m not just boasting! Flow magazine must have appreciated our fair as much, for it is mentioned a few times in an article about craft fairs!!!

(Page 122-123, if you’re interested…)

And even though Flow’s a nice magazine, it’s even better to experience the Crafty Gardens for real!!! So, if you feel like a nice Sunday afternoon in June…keep an eye on the Crafty Gardens weblog. Soon the date of the event will be published there! And, if you’re seriously creative and have enough goodies to fill a market stall and if you feel like getting in touch with an audience, then you can make your wishes known through that weblog as well!!!