– What’s that on the garden table? A cat? An airplane? A buzzard? No. It’s a Corgi!

– Are you sure? What would a dog be doing on the garden table?

– Yes I’m sure! Look a little closer! And bear in mind that we’re not talking about a dog here! This is a CORGI we’re talking about!!!

– Oh, right. I forgot about that for a minute. Sorry.

– It’s okay. Many people mistake Corgis for dogs.

– But are they really so different then?

– Well, ever seen a real dog about to do the dishes?

– Oh my god! No! Never! You’re right! This MUST be a Corgi!

– Well, we’re glad it’s a Corgi! Don’t know any dog better at digging up stashes when we go Geocaching, that’s for sure!