What a weekend this was! After having buried my deceased camera, we picked up a new one…with loads more possibilities…yaye! I’m so thrilled!

And then that wasn’t it! Yesterday our lovely and inspiring friends H and I picked me up to visit the bookbinding fair in St. Niklaas, Belgium. The building itself wasn’t as light and pleasant as the St. Peterschurch in Leiden, it was exciting enough as there was loads to get my heart ticking!!!

There were two unexpected hurrays…

The first was paste paper. I LOVE marbled paper, but it’s quite costly to make, and not very environmentally friendly or healthy to do. I went there to buy myself some supplies, but immediately at the entrance there was this beautifully marbled paper by Tanja Karipidis (her site doesn’t run currently, but is under construction…really, do go back to it, for I think it will be worth while)…but marbled with paste, not with inks. I always thought it was more for children, but when I saw these beautiful and intricate designs and plays of colour, I was sold!

A small example, taken from http://www.rdburtonbooks.com:

See why I got spellbound? And see what great Art Journals these papers make!

So…I’ve justed looked up a how-to online and made myself some paste to paint some papers with. And that was easypeasy, using normal kitchen stuff. It sometimes marvels me how the best things are often the simplest things!

And now a tray with paper pasting stuff is waiting for me to take it up into my studio!!! There are lidded jars and containers to make different colours of paint in; there is bubble wrap and an unused hair brush to make textures; there’s the how-to and the blue lidded container holds the still hot paste. I can start working with it once it’s cooled. I can’t wait to get started! And to get my kids involved in the process too!

Then, another child’s play (or so I thought), was making paper…or rather, making paper from leftover paper like milk cartons. Akira Matsumoto was there to demonstrate his profession and he had 3 seats to give a small workshop. Well, we had been looking at the process for a bit because friend H was interested in buying a DIY kit, and then suddenly the three chairs were empty. We were “ordered” to take place and this wonderfully enthusiastic man helped us make a wonderful piece of paper. Note the corgi impression on the left top:

I thought this was such great fun that I bought a small postcard set like this card above and one that’s twice the size. Mr. Matsumoto makes these kits himself…and what I felt was really special about it, is that all was made with really simple materials…much of it is recycled…including the package it comes in. It is really wonderful! It’s going to be great to do with my kids during the upcoming may holiday. Yay! Two weeks of fun!!! I can already imagine them with their hands on the blender, mixing paper!!! I think we can already start making our own X-mas cards this year, for Mr. Matsumoto gave me one of his for free along with my purchase…one that holds a very great idea. But I’m keeping that idea a little secret for a bit…I’ll show you at X-mas!!!