From the first moment I discoverd the autobiographic comic, I am smitten with it! I love the often simple style to tell a story. And with images a story’s often told more efficiently than with just words. Exactly what I do in my Art Journal. Tell the tale with as few words and as accurately as possible, by the use of images.

Also, these comics sometimes overlap with facsimilie editions of Art Journals and sketchbooks. Sometimes the autor/artists gives something away about he process of creating. Which is very inspiring.

I’ve been making cartoons about my life for a while now. But I have a bigger project that I’m working on, for which I want to learn more about making a comic…an autobiographic comic. So, I ordered a few books today…to keep me busy during the X-mas break.

This is Lynda Barry’s “What is”, a book about the process of writing. Written/drawn in comic. Looking forward to this immensely!

I also ordered this:

Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons, autobiographical cartoons! I’ve already seen a few pages online and I’m flabbergasted how much some of the pages look like my own journal pages! What a boost for my self-confidence!

Then, running into this post by Carla Sonheim, I got on the track of “Cartooning, Philosophy and Practice” by Ivan Brunetti.

Doesn’t seem really appealing on the outside, but I’ve read a few pages online and I think it’s really good! It seems to help develop a cartoon thoroughly, from basis to ready “product”. If you click here, you can see an online lesson by Ivan…I did it this morning and it worked great! I’m going to do a dozen more because it’s really helpful in learning to build a story.

And I’ve finally put to use my Rory’s Story Cubes…I have two sets…the objects and the actions and they’re great. I’ve been meaning to use them for my journal classes, but have so far only used them to play with my kids or family. You wouldn’t believe the stories that come out of them! This morning I used them to draw a cartoon…it worked perfectly!

These dice are super! Although you can also easily make an inspiration box with cards that have written words on them too, of course. Much cheaper. But if you like a game element, especially when working with kids, these are great! Also, if you make theme cards yourself, you’re inclined to always choose topics that are close to yourself. These cubes certainly don’t!