And thus came the day when the doorbell rang and the postman finally delivered the small package with great possibilities…

Nevskaya Palitra St Petersburg watercolors…..comparable with, or maybe even the same as Yarka St Petersburg watercolors. Cheap, but really interesting! This paint doesn’t behave like normal watercolor. But the colors are awesome. However, you really DO NEED to make a colorchart of your pans. Because as you can see, in the pans, the colors don’t look anything like when used on paper. And…I bought nearly all colors in the range (if it weren’t for a silly mistake I made…) and decided I wanted them in one big box rather than in two smaller boxes. So, I took an empty pencil box and glued my pans into it. Then I made a colorchart the size of the lid and there you go…a huge watercolor box!!! Isn’t that luxurious? This is going to be my big one for my studio…and I’m keeping the small one downstairs. Yeah, I know…whoops! Another attack of art supply addiction! hehe. And then to think that the bookbinding fair is only to come this weekend!!! Bad me! Bad me!…(sweet, sweet haze of addiction!!!)

Let’s endulge in this art supply addiction thing a little bit further…do you know that some bloggers get their supplies for free? When they blog a lot and have a lot of readers, manufacturers will send them trial packages or regular supplies to try and publish about them!!!!!!! Why have they not found me yet? Come on readers, rally some readers for me and let’s get the suppliers to find me…I’d do loads of giveaways!!! It would be a necessity or else I wouldn’t be able to tread about the house…sweet dreaming!

Oh well, speaking of dreams, it’s late…minutes before midnight, so I’ve got to go and lay down my tired head for a decent night’s rest. Although I wouldn’d mind adding a day’s rest to it, by the way. Still desperate for energy…  Tomorrow, I promise myself…tomorrow….