One of my favorite pigments to work with, was PG50, a bright cobalt teal, or bright turquoise that is very much in fashion in art today. It holds a super vibrant and bright middle between blue and gold, although I prefer those that lean more towards the blue. I say it ‘was’ one of my favorite colors, since Rembrandt has brought forth a contender in their new collection, a turquoise made of the PB28 pigment.

Stroke, an art journal page

Both the PB 28 and the PG50 pigments granulate, which makes them a perfect first layer for texture paintings.

first layers of a journal painting, using cobalt teal as a ground texture layer. See the finished painting at the bottom of this post.

I use this paint in a great many of my paintings, even when the many layers on top no longer show this color. So I was a little apprehensive to see that Talens had added a PB28 turquoise to their collection instead of a PG50 and of course I needed to test and compare these two pigments side by side. So I did a little video testing Rembrandt, Horadam, Qor, Daniel Smith, Sennelier and Kremer.

Do you like to use cobalt teal or turquoise in your work? And which one of the paints I used in my video would you prefer? Below you can see the strips with the swatches.

Strip of the six cobalt teal turquoise watercolor paints
Finished journal page. Cobalt teal almost gone, but it’s there…without it I couldn’t have made this page.

Paints used in this video: