Okay, I admit. I have a thunderstorm fetish. So, after yesterday’s extreme heat, I’m already standing on watch…for thunderclouds floating in…and here they come…floating in from the SouthWest

See those weird “pockets” in the clouds? At this moment it is still insanely hot and sticky. And the skies are roaring with gunfire. I can almost imagine standing on the war fields in days gone by when you heard the canons roar. And there isn’t even thunder yet, but apple farmers are blowing huge airbombs into the sky in an attempt to “break” the storms. Cloudbusting is real over here! Huge showers with enormous hail balls have been predicted and in order to protect their harvest, they try to break the storms. The so-called “hail canons”. It’s much disputed that they work. They make an awful noise and are a nuisance to the people who live in a large area around them. This is the first time I’ve heard those canons and it’s quite impressive. I just hope they don’t work, like recent French studies have proved. Because nothing’s better than a fierce thunderstorm after simmering heat…a super chance to reload my battery!!!

[more later…I have some spectacular photos!!!! Gotta rush off to school now, though!]