Circus Freaks ATCs for swap; all traded. © Mandy van Goeije

I joined a Circus Freak swap…it seemed real fun to do. And it kind of was. But in my search for images of people that would have been labelled circus freaks (or would still be, for that matter), I encountered incredibly disfigured people. Some broke my heart. Not that they all seemed incredibly unhappy.

Some photos show twinkling eyes, joy, kinship, life…much to my amazement. But then I realised that even though it must be horrible to have to live with disfigurements that make a person get rejected by the society they live in, a circus must have been a place for these people where they could finally have some kind of a home. (That is, if they weren’t kept there by force and if they weren’t not thrown tomatoes and eggs to.)

I decided to stick to deviations on the face alone to keep in style. There’s a foetus in foeti to start with, then a woman with a pig’s snout, a woman with buttons for eyes and an immense scar in the face, a big woman with double and perhaps even triple chins, a woman with a beard and of course, the Siamese twin.

All these ATCs have been traded in the swap…but this week I will start stocking my Etsy shop with some lovely ACEO’s that have been waiting to go online. ACEOs are ATCs that are intended for sale rather than for trade. A mini-painting, so to speak. A lovely opportunity for people to buy affordable original art and a great opportunity for an artist to reach more people and try-outs!

I will keep you posted!

If you’re into ATCs/ACEOs…then what kind of ACEOs would you like? Any themes you like?

Oh…and for those crazy about Circus…do you know the series Carnivale?

Happy Sunday everyone!!!