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We’ve had and are still having kinda weird days. Just before Christmas our youngest fell ill with the flu. She wasn’t feeling too sick, but she had an extremely high temperature…reason to keep her in check 24/7. We still went to celebrate Christmas with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and my husband’s grandfather. We had a lovely dinner, intermixed with some nursing. Then already I noticed that our oldest wasn’t eating so much. A few hours after dinner her glowing front and her glazy eyes were all the explanation we needed. Fortunately I’d bought extra medication to keep the fever under control!

The next day we went home to celebrate another Christmas evening in our own home. Our last Christmas in our home, in our house, in this town, in this part of the country. It felt so weird. We have many “last times” now. Our big move will be in about 10 weeks from now. In a few days time we’ll be celebrating our last new year’s eve here. *sigh…* And hopefully I’ll be able to do that with a little more spirit than I have now, for guess what? I fell ill too. A cold, fever and being in an overall shitty state. And I really hate it this time. My hubs only has one week off from work and his heavy commuting time through all the wintery weather. And I really wanted to enjoy that by going into town, having a bite somewhere, a good hike in the snowy forest, sleighing with the dogs… I severely consider popping in some extra pills to make sure we can do all that and have a good time. For it’s not much fun for him to nurse three ill girlies on a row!

Keeping my fingers crossed!