In my top five of favorite contemporary artists is Scott Radke. Those who’ve read my blog for a while now, have seen his name here before.

Today I decided I wanted to do charcoal. Just to dig into drawing. I love the shaping, shading, lining, erasing, smudging… I was looking for a subject to draw when my eyes fell on my oil painting. I like it. But I want to get into more detail, draw larger faces in next paintings. Create characters, faces. But no normal faces…I want to delve into different faces. Where to start? And then on Facebook I saw Scott Radke had put new work online. Bingo! Not that I want to start working HIS figures into my own work, but to train myself in out-of-this world characters, I wanted to draw them, get to know them…see how he gets this emotion into these strange faces that are not scary simply because of the emotion. How to make something unhuman seem so human at the same time? How to make something abstract relate to us, recognisable to us all within a blink of an eye?

(Image of Scott Radke’s work published with artist’s kind permission.)