For everybody who frequents my blog: please read this entry till the end, for it contains imporant information about new blog addresses!

A little while ago, I asked you whether my blog should be in English or in Dutch. I added the response I got to requests I had lately and to my own senses, shook ’em well, stirred, let it sink in and decided. Are you ready? Brace yourselves!

I will keep a Dutch blog! But, that’s not all. I’m refurbishing my website and will be adding two blogs!!!

In order to keep things plain and obvious, here’s a short list with my blogs. If you frequented this blog, make sure to change the URL if you wish to continue to follow me.

– The contents of this blog has moved to and will from here on be in Dutch.It will be my personal blog, full of recipes, inspiring links, photographs and basically my daily rattle. (Many thanks to WordPress for making it so childishly easy to move weblog content…you rock!)

– This blog address ( will get new content, be written in Dutch and reserved exclusively for my Art Journals and the classes I teach. I will empty the blog as it is and upload new art-Journal related content to it shortly.

– Then, as you can see in the photograph…there will be a third blog coming up! I’ve decided to put some of my watercolor illustrations for sale on online venues under the name “Sixty Percent Water”.Therefore I will start a blog showcasing new sales and new work. This blog will be in English. When I open this blog and fill it with content, I’ll give notice on my other blogs.

All of my blogs will have Google translate on the sidebar!

My Facebook will remain in English, to keep in touch with people from every corner of the world! But if you’re looking to contact me in Dutch, you’re more than welcome to do so through my weblog.

Wow! It’s been a bit of a puzzle, but I’m quite happy with the end result and am looking very much forward to working on my blogs and website in the next coming weeks. Especially since my studio’s being worked hard on and I’ll be happy to have a nice project until my studio’s finished. I’m looking forward to seeing you in all these places!!! I hope you’re moving to the other blog with me!