Recently I’ve been thinking about my illustrations.
I’m good with watercolour,
but I sometimes miss the depth mixed media can bring.
So I decided to try and either incorporate acrylics into my work,
or to try and build a corpus in acrylics on the side.
Maintaining my own style,
and atmosphere,
but offering more techniques to create atmosphere.
So…time to practise!
First attempt at painting more freely…weird face; still too controlled, but I like it in a way…
This weekend it was me and the gelli plates.
Today it was me and Mitsi Brown?
A fantastic painter.
Young. Energetic. Very skilled. And most of all FREE in style.
I checked out some of Mitsi’s videos
– and enjoyed them enormously –
especially this one:
(Music is: Love is a Stranger by Martha Wainwright, in case you might wonder)
So, I sat myself down at my work table,
prepared some paper, collaged and started paiting away.
A bit awkward…
and I feel I’m not yet totally free,
but it was FUN!
I had only very little time left this afternoon to paint,
but I thought that the need to work quickly
might actually help in this process.
So I managed to get this far with my 2nd attempt:
Second attempt at free painting…like this one a lot better already, even though it’s not finished….looking forward to working on it more.
Turns out I like getting dirty with paint!
Can’t wait to work some more on this one.
And to see what’s next!
Tons of ideas are growing in my head as I paint…
What a fantastic way of returning to my work table!!!
I feel all energised again.
Bye bye flu…