The past two days I was busy sketching
and making a Journal for a friend of my daughter’s
All pink and red and purple…
Here’s the first layer of collage…
It had to be really cool for an 11-year old
It was such fun to do
 And it turned out soooo pretty…
My dauther totally in love with it…
“Will you make me  one too, mommy?”
Of course I will!
The coming months are going to be very busy over here.
I have to make my daughter a new journal
And one for my other daughter as well, I suspect.
And if enough people sign up, 
I will start another Art Journaling course in October.
But busiest I will be
preparing for the “arrival” of our new kitchen.
(As if it will just arrive…soooo much work to be done!)
We’ll need to put in a new floor,
I’ll have to put up a temporary camping kitchenette somewhere in the house,
We’ll have to store our kitchen stuff somewhere
I have to  either sell my beloved antique cupboard
or find a new place for it,
I’ll have to keep my house extremely organised
so that we won’t go crazy during the reconstruction of the kitchen….
Like I said…soooooo much work to be done. 
I can’t help feeling a little overwhelmed by it now that I stand before it.
I hope I will also find time to journal and paint.
I’m often most productive in busy times.
And…to have a fabulous new kitchen
with an oven that will actually work!!!
And a fridge that will hold ALL our groceries
And that is actually not falling apart….
And just imagine…
cooking in our new kitchen!