Hi guys! I’ve been a busy bee the past weeks!
 I made a new review-list-to-film the coming months. I’ve got some really
fine ideas for filming them…I’m looking forward to doing them!
The reason
I can’t film the reviews yet is that I’m currently filming a brand
spanking new online art journaling course!!! Yay! And I’m really excited
about this one because I’ve been wanting to do this one for years…
Now was just the time!
And in the mean time I also managed to
work on my art journal…I’ve got these in-progress shots and photos of
these pages for you.
“Crone” art journal page in gouache and ink
O, I was even busier than that, by the way…I even found the time to begin to realize a dream…
I made an art journal page about it. Gouache and ink again!
Art journal page in gouache and ink. The text says: Why don’t we begin to realize our dreams until something really bad happens? I decided to start already…by taking singing lessons!!!
Of this last page I have no in-progress shots. But it’s gouache and ink again. The text says:
“it takes guts to unplug yourself from the fast pace of the world, from social media, from media in general…”

This page is pretty much about my love-hate relationshiop with feeling ‘plugged’. Sometimes it just feels so, so very good to unplug yourself and be a little island for a while…don’t you think?