“Blauwbeest” is Dutch for ‘blue beast’…two words turned into a beloved name for our youngest’s cuddly toy. Blauwbeest has been anywhere with her, has been forgotten, cried over, wiped her little nose and been vomitted on. And still he is her little friend. She cannot be a day without him. If he hangs in the sun, drying after a tumble in the washing machine, she’ll keep him company, sing to him and play her loveliest play before him. And when he’s dry, she clutches him tightly, sniffs his scent and then this beautiful smile appears on her face. Blauwbeest is the most important friend in the world to her!

And that is why she made such a really sweet drawing of him…and for a 6-year old it’s simply fabulous how well she captured him…

I just needed to do something with this little drawing…I’m going to keep it for her. But I’ve also duplicated the image and used it to cut a stamp for her:

I am typing with 9 fingers now, though. The gouge flew off the rubber and into my thumb three times! First two times were not too bad, but last time caused some serious spilling of blood…aargh! So now I’m working with a throbbing thumb. What a day! First I had to break into my own house because  we’d left a spare key in the lock of the front door and now I’m sitting her with a bandage…hehehe…I guess I’d better stay in, the rest of the day.