in the break of dawn
birds crowded the morning sky
on their way to work

When I walked the dog around 8.30 this morning, I stood in the meadow when all sorts of birds flew up and over. Hundreds of geese cackled over while a handful of cormorants impersonated the geese, revealing their true identity only when they landed on the branches over a nearby pool starting their morning clean up ritual. At the same time gulls cried their good morning wishes across the heavens while pigeons clumsily flapped their wings up to let themselves glide down…then flapped up and glided down over and over again. All of this morning concert took place in a hazy morning mist which dulled every color, leaving an eerie fairy-tale feel on the world.

As I saw the birds land to find food and as I watched the geese on their way to fresh fields, I mesmerised about how the birds actually took off to work as well, just like all the people behind me, rushing by in their cards, hurrying off to work, meticulously following the lined pattern of the road, pretty much like the geese who fly so neatly in their V pattern. And just like people, they try to keep up with each other, hurrying…hurrying each other impatiently with their cackle. That frozen moment in time was the world awakening, the world on a move. That little moment in time…just before I snuck back inside and crept behind my desk to try and capture my mesmerising moment.

I used the diluted acrylics for this journal page. To create a foggy sense, I used the really poor quality black paint, that was actually blue with black specks. It worked super for this effect though and the page really does look hazy. I gave the green grass a few coats of heavily diluted poor black too which dulled the color pretty much like the morning fog had. I love how the poor black leaved granules of black in the greyish blue stripes because that reminded me pretty much of the pattern I saw in the grey morning sky this morning.

I can’t wait until tomorrow…to find perhaps another concert like this one in the skies above…