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A few decades ago, it was pretty heavy stuff if a mother worked. Mothers were supposed to be home, looking after their homes and children.

Today, it is pretty deviating if a mother stays at home.
Many a brow frowns at the lady “not contributing” to society as in making money, paying taxes. Even if the lady is setting up her own business at home. As if it’s only play. (And even if; what if it was?)
Many a finger points at the lady leeching from a working husband. And what if the happily ever after falls apart and the lady gets to be on her own, with no income, no pension paid for?
But many a working heart bleeds when observing the lady who can answer her children’s every smile and dry their every tear.
And even more minds bend and stretch at the question how to survive the loneliness of such a solitary existence. “I could never endure the solitude and silence day in day out!” many a voice claims.

There is no right and wrong in deciding whether to work or to stay home with your kids (working, or not). The best is whatever works for you. But one hell of a misconception has managed to be accepted as a commonly acknowledged fact:

A solitary existence means that you’re lonely.

But being alone doesn’t equal being lonely. At all.
And being amidst others doesn’t exactly guarantee that you cannot feel lonely.

Being alone and yet not lonely is all about being perfectly comfortable by yourself…Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis made this really lovely vid about it: