How symbolic it is
when trash brings you to beauty.
This morning,
when I emptied the bin
my eyes fell onto the sky.
And afloat right before me
was a Giant Crocodile.
No mistake about it…
And it made me wonder…
For me, it brought funny images of a children’s book character
like Roald Dahl’s Enormous Crocodile.
But would there have been a time
when people read signs in the creatures of the sky?
And if so,
what would they have thought of this gorgeous example?
Would they have loved it as much as I do?
Or would they have read an omen into it?
And before the time that people could travel the world,
would people here have recognized an animal in it at all?
My mind drifted off along with the clouds.
I may not have seen aurora borealis last night
(which I deeply regret
for it’s my greatest travel wish
to one night lie in a sleeping bag
under dancing colours in the sky)
but I saw a Crocodile!
And indirectly, it set me in the right mood to journal.
After the holidays
and the disruption of Flow that they brought along,
I need to hide away in my cocoon for a bit
to refuel,
to dive deep into my flow again.
The best way for me to do so
is to start with a morning page.
First I spilled open with pen and ink
and then sketched a face
that is likely to get a coat of paint…
No. No crocodiles.
My flow didn’t feel like painting a crocodile.
I wasn’t inspired by it in that sense.
But the croc did awake my creative mind.
It’s sooooo great to learn to see creatures
in EVERYthing!
The skill so easily gets you in the mood for drawing and painting…
It simply connects all the sockets and plugs inside your head…
And if you allow it to happen,
they take you straight into Flow.
Happy crocodile hunting!!!