I’m so thrilled! The past days (including today) I’ve succeeded in making real work days…so I worked at least 6 hours! Wow! I guess that the storm of our Big Move has finally calmed down a bit. We sold the house, we bought a house and now I’m making arrangements for our new life, which is so much easier and calmer than the selling and buying stress! So I’m back at my drawing table!

The image above shows the different stages of a drawing…the image at the top is the initial sketch; the bottom left is the copy that I use to transfer the image to really good drawing and watercolor paper. As you can see, I often adapt my image a bit in this stage (the daddy’s arm). and on the bottom right’s the final pencil copy on good paper. The pink cloud is the cloud the couple stands on with their newborn baby girl…I found this really cute cloud-like pink paper for the purpose…awesome! I’m going to colour the image with watercolor and charcoal pencil. I’ll show you the finished result later!